3 Tips help you distinguish American almonds and Chinese almonds

distinguish American almonds and Chinese almonds

Almonds are one of the favorite nutritious nuts in Vietnam, because of their characteristic delicious taste and great benefits to human health. However, at present, the market is flooded with different types of almonds, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between imported American almonds and Chinese almonds.

The following article, Nine Stars Co., Ltd. will help you identify the characteristics, and choose to buy the right American almonds to ensure quality and health for your family.

What are almonds?

The almond kernel, also known as the almond kernel, is a plant native to the Middle East and South Asia, belonging to the genus Plum.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), almonds are a highly nutritious nut with a rich source of vegetable protein, monounsaturated fat, fiber, and large amounts of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.

Almond tree trunk about 10m high, flowers are pale pink, usually bloom in spring. Almonds are often grown to get seeds used to eat, delicious seeds, and fatty flesh. In addition, this seed has many benefits for human health and beauty.

Benefits of almonds

1. Helps absorb nutrients well: Almonds contain good fats, which promote the absorption of vitamin A and vitamin D.

2. Support the digestive system: Almonds control digestive enzymes and bile acid production, reducing the risk of gallstones and strengthening the digestive system.

3. Preventing Diabetes: Almonds contain strong cold fatty acids, which balance blood glucose levels, help you control blood sugar, and prevent diabetes. Adding almonds to the daily menu can prevent insulin resistance, keeping glucose from rising too much.

4. Supports weight loss and appetite: Almonds contain high amounts of fat and fiber, which help promote weight loss. Due to the ability to control glucose levels, almonds help limit the rise in blood sugar after eating, so you will reduce cravings.

5. Preventing cardiovascular disease: Almonds contain healthy fatty acids, a combination of antioxidants that contribute to heart protection and the risk of heart disease.

6. Brain Function Support: Almonds contain riboflavin and L-carnitine. These two substances work to prevent cognitive decline and support healthy nerve activity, reducing inflammation inside the brain.

7. Effects of almonds on skin: Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E and high antioxidants that help nourish healthy skin and fight premature aging.

Distinguish between American almonds and Chinese almonds.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, there are two popular types of almonds: American almonds and Chinese almonds. In particular, almonds have the highest nutritional value, and the most popular are American almonds. They are grown mostly in the world in California, USA with a proportion of up to 80%.

Here are 3 tips, to help you easily identify the above 2 types of almonds:

3 distinguishing factors:

  •  Color: American imported almonds are bright yellow, shiny, and even in color, with a thin, glossy shell. While Chinese almonds have a dark, uneven color, the skin is not as shiny as American almonds.
  • Particle size: American almond kernels are small, evenly seeded, with a thin, glossy shell. Chinese almonds are roughly the same size as American almonds. However, the low-gloss, duller outer shell is not as bright as American almonds.
  • Seed quality: American almonds when eaten are crunchy, fragrant, sweet, and greasy. Imported products have clear origins, and product philosophies, and are strictly inspected. Chinese almonds have a dark color, uneven fruit size, often dry kernels, not very good taste, not much flesh, and are sold with unknown packaging.

What is being said here, because of high profits, many businesses despite selling poor quality, non-originating products, are flooding the market. In particular, not only the poor product quality but also the preservation process before the seeds are released to the market is alarming for the health of consumers.

Where to buy reputable imported US almonds? Notes when choosing to buy almonds.

Notes when choosing to buy imported US almonds

  1. Check product information carefully before buying. Carefully read the information printed on the packaging and labels.
  2. It is recommended to buy seeds with clear origins to ensure grain quality.
  3. Should choose to buy almonds with standard packaging and reputable brands.
  4. Pay attention to the price of imported almonds. The product is too cheap, so check the quality of the product.
  5. Should find reputable, branded sales addresses to choose to buy to avoid poor quality products that affect health when used.

Where to buy almonds.

Currently, on the market, there are many different stores selling almonds, you can find a product you like. Nine Stars Co., Ltd. imports officially, has a certificate of import and export of products, and produces directly at the system of manufacturers meeting food hygiene and safety standards to ensure quality before reaching consumers.

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